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BayesiaLab Debut in Australia

The first-ever BayesiaLab course in Australia concluded this afternoon. Congratulations to the trainees, who have joined the illustrious ranks of BayesiaLab-certified scientists around the world!


Good Morning, Australia!

Our first-ever BayesiaLab course in Australia starts right now in beautiful Sydney! After this event, our training program will continue in May with our annual course in Chicago.


New BayesiaLab Stars in Singapore

Congratulations to the graduates of this week's BayesiaLab course in Singapore! Three days of intense coursework have paid off for this group of Singaporean and Malaysian scientists. Our next stop is Sydney, Australia, where another 3-day BayesiaLab course starts on Monday.


The BayesiaLab Digest - April 17, 2015: Midway Revisited: Detecting Deception by Analysis of Competing Hypotheses

Here is today's citation of interesting applied research with Bayesian networks:


Next Stop: Singapore

Where in the world is Dr. Lionel Jouffe? The Bayesia CEO is en route to Singapore to teach his highly-acclaimed 3-day course next week. There is still time to sign up!


9 New BayesiaLab Experts in India

Congratulations to the newest members of our BayesiaLab community! It was great to have researchers and analysts from PwC, CGIAR, RSG Media, Spherethoughts, and The Research Pacific Group join our two-day course in Gurgaon, which concluded this afternoon. Now off to Singapore, where our next course will start on April 15.


Bayesian Networks 101 in Gurgaon, India

Heading to India: our new 2-day course, Bayesian Networks 101, debuts tomorrow in Gurgaon, near India's capital New Delhi. Comping up next week: 3-day introductory BayesiaLab course in Singapore


Inference with BayesiaLab on the Go

Did you know that BayesiaLab's new WebSimulator can be accessed from any device with a web browser, including your tablet and smartphone? The WebSimulator's responsive design allows you to perform inference with your Bayesian network, and even use the Adaptive Questionnaire, when you need it and where you need it. Learn all about the new WebSimulator in the Quick Start Guide.


BayesiaLab Course in Paris

In Paris, another BayesiaLab course concluded successfully today. Two Greek and six French researchers completed our intense 3-day introductory program with flying colors. Congratulations!


Advanced Course in Boston Completed

When it comes to learning about applied research with Bayesian networks, our 3-Day Advanced BayesiaLab Course is about as far as you can go today. Five scientists just completed this demanding program in Boston. Congratulations!

2017 BayesiaLab Conference