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Causal Identification & Estimation for Pharma Companies

Many of the big names in Pharma were represented at last week's BayesiaLab workshop on causal identification and estimation in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Causality will be a core topic in our educational program in 2016. For instance, three more causal analysis workshops are scheduled for next week in Phoenix and Los Angeles. Remember, if you treat causality casually, you may introduce catastrophic biases into your research results!


First Workshop of the Year in New York City

A cold winter day in New York City didn't stop over 30 scientists to join us for our first BayesiaLab workshop of the year on January 4th at the NYU Kimmel Center. The event was all about Bayesian networks and Artificial Intelligence for research, analytics, and reasoning. This program continues next week in Phoenix and Los Angeles.


From New York to L.A., it's all about Bayesian networks!

Just having completed five events in New York City last week, our team is now heading to Los Angeles for four more BayesiaLab workshops next week. Learn about the important role of Bayesian networks in Artificial Intelligence and how to use them for research, analytics, and reasoning. It's not too late to register: http://www.bayesialab.com/2016-01-bayesialab-events-socal


Causal Identification & Estimation Workshop in Singapore

Forget Big Data, the true frontier in the field of analytics is causal inference! Today, Stefan Conrady hosted a workshop at Academia in Singapore on this very topic: causal identification and estimation with Directed Acyclic Graphs and Bayesian Networks. The infamous Simpson's Paradox example highlights how easy it is to make catastrophic errors in computing causal effects. If you couldn't make it to this workshop today, take a look at Chapter 10 in our new book, Bayesian Networks & BayesiaLab, which discusses this topic in detail.


Seventh Annual Conference of the Australasian Bayesian Network Modelling Society

BayesiaLab made its official debut at the Australasian Bayesian Network Modelling Society with Dr. Lionel Jouffe's presentation on Probabilistic Structural Equation Models and Stefan Conrady's tutorial on knowledge discovery with Bayesian networks.


BayesiaLab Course in Melbourne

This Tuesday we completed another BayesiaLab course in Australia. As it turned out, most of the participants actually flew in from New Zealand to join the program. This is clearly a reminder that we must schedule a course in Auckland in 2016. Also, we had the youngest-ever participant in this week's course. Twelve-year-old Ivan passed the demanding program with flying colors, and he taught the adults a thing or two about how to use BayesiaLab. Congratulations!


BayesiaLab Workshop in Singapore

Over 40 Singaporean scientists joined us today for a workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Research, Analytics, and Reasoning. Many thanks to the A*STAR Computational Resource Centre at Fusionopolis for hosting our event. We'll be back in Singapore on November 30 for a special workshop on Causal Estimation and Identification with Bayesian Networks.


BayesiaLab Course in Paris

Barely two weeks after our annual conference, we've already completed another course program. Eight scientists from all over Europe joined us for this week's introductory BayesiaLab course in Paris. Our program will continue in November with events in Singapore and Melbourne, Australia.


Just Announced: Additional BayesiaLab Course in Singapore

November 30-December 2, 2015, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.
8 Marina View, #07-04 Asia Square, Tower 1, Singapore 18960


A 3-Day Advanced Course Concludes the BayesiaLab Conference

The last day of the Advanced BayesiaLab Course concludes the weeklong series of events of the 3rd Annual BayesiaLab Conference in Fairfax, VA. Congratulations to the students who reached the top tier of BayesiaLab training!

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