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BayesiaLab Course in Boston

Exhausted but happy! Ten researchers earned the much-coveted BayesiaLab certification in our most recent course that concluded in Boston yesterday. Your next opportunity to join a BayesiaLab course will be June 13-15 in Paris and June 21-23 in Chicago.


BayesiaLab Course in San Francisco

Congratulations to Sonal Joshi (Intel), Liang Li Jung (UCLA), Erin Barr (Elevate Marketing), and Ergos Pikas (Tallin University of Technology) for completing this week's BayesiaLab course in San Francisco.


Six New BayesiaLab Experts in Perth, Australia

Congratulations to the six newly-certified BayesiaLab experts, who completed our three-day course in Perth, Australia, with flying colors!


BayesiaLab Course at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington

Our three-day BayesiaLab training at the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond concluded today. Congratulations to the 15 scientists who passed the BayesiaLab course with flying colors! The team is now ready to tackle the most vexing problems in marketing science and beyond.


BayesiaLab Course in Melbourne

This Tuesday we completed another BayesiaLab course in Australia. As it turned out, most of the participants actually flew in from New Zealand to join the program. This is clearly a reminder that we must schedule a course in Auckland in 2016. Also, we had the youngest-ever participant in this week's course. Twelve-year-old Ivan passed the demanding program with flying colors, and he taught the adults a thing or two about how to use BayesiaLab. Congratulations!


BayesiaLab Course in Paris

Barely two weeks after our annual conference, we've already completed another course program. Eight scientists from all over Europe joined us for this week's introductory BayesiaLab course in Paris. Our program will continue in November with events in Singapore and Melbourne, Australia.


Just Announced: Additional BayesiaLab Course in Singapore

November 30-December 2, 2015, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.
8 Marina View, #07-04 Asia Square, Tower 1, Singapore 18960


A 3-Day Advanced Course Concludes the BayesiaLab Conference

The last day of the Advanced BayesiaLab Course concludes the weeklong series of events of the 3rd Annual BayesiaLab Conference in Fairfax, VA. Congratulations to the students who reached the top tier of BayesiaLab training!


13 New BayesiaLab Experts

Our weeklong conference program in Fairfax started off with the popular 3-day introductory course taught by Dr. Lionel Jouffe. 13 researchers successfully completed the program. Congratulations!


The BayesiaLab Conference in Full Swing

With three events running in parallel, Monday was the busiest day in our pre-conference program so far. Between the Introductory Course, the Causal Inference Course, plus the workshop at Booz Allen Hamilton, we had over 100 attendees learning about different aspects of Bayesian networks.

2017 BayesiaLab Conference