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Professional BayesiaLab Courses

June 5–7, 2018 Paris, France Introductory Course (SOLD OUT)
June 2527, 2018 Boston, MA Introductory Course
July 23-25, 2018 San Francisco, CA Introductory Course
August 29–31, 2018 London, UK Introductory Course
September 3–5, 2018 London, UK Advanced Course
September 2628, 2018 New Delhi, India Introductory Course
December 5–7, 2018 New York, NY Introductory Course

Upcoming Seminars & Webinars

Live Webinar June 1, 2018 1–2 p.m. (CDT, UTC-5) Health Outcomes Research with Bayesian Networks and BayesiaLab
Seminar in Toronto
MaRS Discovery District
June 6, 2018 2–5 p.m. (EDT, UTC-4) Bayesian Networks for Health Economics and Public Policy Research
Seminar in Chicago
DePaul University—Loop Campus
June 19, 2018 2–5 p.m. (CDT, UTC-5) Analyzing Financial Data with Bayesian Networks and BayesiaLab
Live Webinar June 29, 2018 1–2 p.m. (CDT, UTC-5) Probabilistic Latent Factor Induction with Bayesian Networks and BayesiaLab
Live Webinar July 13, 2018 1–2 p.m. (CDT, UTC-5) Building a Technical Fault Diagnosis System with BayesiaLab
Live Webinar July 27, 2018 1–2 p.m. (CDT, UTC-5) Adversarial Reasoning with Bayesian Networks
Please check out our archive of recordings of previous events.

6th Annual BayesiaLab Conference

October 29-31, 2018 Chicago, IL 3-Day Introductory Course
November 1–2, 2018 Chicago, IL 6th Annual BayesiaLab Conference
November 5–7, 2018 Chicago, IL 3-Day Advanced Course