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Presentation on September 28-29, 2017, at the 5th Annual BayesiaLab Conference:

Workflow automation in Bayesialab with applications to time series analysis

Gabriel Andraos, Partner, G Squared Capital LLP, gandraos@gsquaredcapital.com

Presenter Biography

Portrait ijpartners 2010.jpegMr. Andraos has over 20 years of experience in risk and asset management. He is a partner at G Squared Capital LLP, which he Co-founded in 2011 and is Head of R&D and Systems Development.
Prior to co-founding G Squared in 2011, Mr. Andraos was employed as Portfolio Manager at various firms running alternative investment strategies that melded quantitative and fundamental approaches.

Mr. Andraos has a BA in economics from Georgetown University, an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a Certificate in Quantitative finance (a programme taught by Wilmott and other leading investment quants).