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2018 BayesiaLab Conference in Chicago

Conference Presentation

Large-Scale Inference for Intelligence Analysis

Ero Carrera, Ph.D.


The large amounts of data related to threats in the cyber environment, together with the theoretical developments in probabilistic reasoning in the last few decades, have enabled better ways to reason about threat-intelligence. In this talk I will give an overview of the historic developments that underlie the foundation of our work using Bayesian Networks and probabilistic reasoning to tackle some of the problems faced in computer security, together with some examples of areas where they are being applied with practical and interpretable results.

About the Presenter

Ero Carrera is currently a Senior Software Engineer for the Threat Analyst Group at Google. Previously the author worked at F-Secure and zynamics GmbH (acquired by Google), spanning a career of nearly 20 years of focus on reverse engineering, and cyber security work.