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2018 BayesiaLab Conference in Chicago

Conference Presentation

Sharpen Your Understanding of a Single Product or Consumer Segment Using Impact, Landscape and Profile Analysis

Yong Zhang, Ph.D. (Presenter)
Michael Thompson, Ph.D.
Amy Phillips
Brian Gettelfinger, Ph.D., MBA
Procter & Gamble

Presentation recorded on November 1, 2018

2018-11-01 BayesiaLab Conference Zhang

Presentation Slides


Drivers models built on individual products can be biased or even misleading. We model and analyze single product or a consumer segment by “borrowing” information from other product legs or similar studies. Specifically, we leverage Impact Analysis, Landscape Analysis and Profile Analysis to sharpen our understanding of a single product leg or consumer segment with relatively small base size. These new analyses methods have been added as new features into BayesiaLab 8.0.