2021 BayesiaLab Conference — A Zoom Virtual Event

October 11–15, 2021 — A Zoom Virtual Event
Since Judea Pearl first proposed Bayesian networks in the 1980s, this new paradigm's attractive mathematical and statistical properties have become well-understood and widely utilized within computer science. However, their enormous potential as a practical research framework—beyond computer science—has only emerged more recently. Promoting the practical use of Bayesian networks for research, analytics, and reasoning is the principal objective of our annual BayesiaLab Conference.
For the last eight years, this event has provided unique opportunities to learn about the state of the art in practical applications of Bayesian networks, from architecture to zoology and everything in between. Many of our regular conference attendees appreciate the cross-disciplinary nature of the program, and you may find that an innovative methodology from medical research could very well apply to a marketing science problem or vice versa.

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