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7th Annual BayesiaLab Conference at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center

North Carolina Biotechnology Center
15 T.W. Alexander Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
October 10–11, 2019

Eventbrite - 7th Annual BayesiaLab Conference

After a great event in Chicago in 2018, the BayesiaLab Conference will move to the Research Triangle in North Carolina in 2019. Please join us in the world's largest research park at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center for one week of events all around Bayesian networks and BayesiaLab! You'll have a chance to connect with fellow scientists and practitioners from leading organizations from across the globe.

Bayesian Networks in Practice

Since Judea Pearl first proposed Bayesian networks in the 1980s, the attractive mathematical and statistical properties of this new paradigm have become well-understood and widely utilized within computer science. However, their enormous potential as a practical research frameworkbeyond computer sciencehas only emerged more recently. Promoting the practical use of Bayesian networks for research, analytics, and reasoning is the conference's principal objective.

This event gives you a unique opportunity to learn about the state of the art in practical applications of Bayesian networks, from architecture to zoology, and everything in between. Many of our regular conference attendees appreciate the cross-disciplinary nature of the program, and you may find that an innovative methodology from medical research could very well apply to a marketing science problem or vice versa.

2019 BayesiaLab Conference Program

In addition to the main conference program, we offer introductory and advanced BayesiaLab courses before and after the conference respectively. Separate registrations are required for these classes.

Registration for the Main Conference Program

The BayesiaLab Community

Since our first conference in Orlando, Florida, in 2012, our conference has emerged to be more than your typical business conference. A community of researchers and practitioners from many different fields has grown, often bringing together unlikely collaborators, such as military strategists and market researchers. Also, with Bayesian networks still being a rapidly emerging technology, practically all participants are in learning mode, and only few can claim to be experts. As such, first-time participants will immediately feel comfortable joining this "voyage of discovery."

Call for Presentations

The conference will cover best-practice applications of Bayesian networks as well as methodological advances. The cross-disciplinary nature of the conference has become a hallmark, and once again we invite a broad range of speakers from diverse fields, including:

Aeronautics • Architecture • Biotechnology • Data Science • Decision Analysis • Ecology • Economics • Econometrics • Energy • Engineering • Epidemiology • FinTech • Intelligence Analysis • Marketing Science • Machine Learning • Medical Research • National Security • Operations Research • Policy Analysis • Quant Research • Risk Management • Social Science • Strategic Planning • Supply Chain • Transportation

Learn More & Submit Your Abstract

What to Expect

For those who will be joining us for the first time, please check out photos, videos, and presentations from previous conferences:

2018 BayesiaLab Conference in Chicago, Illinois

2017 BayesiaLab Conference in Paris, France

2016 BayesiaLab Conference in Nashville, Tennessee

2015 BayesiaLab Conference in Fairfax, Virginia

2014 BayesiaLab Conference in Los Angeles, California

2013 BayesiaLab Conference in Orlando, Florida

Map of the Raleigh/Durham Area