Bayesian Network Literature

While our seminars and tutorials show a selection of examples implemented with BayesiaLab, there are thousands more case studies available in the academic literature.

However, all these published articles also highlight that there has been an uneven application of Bayesian networks across different fields of study. For instance, the environmental and biological sciences have employed Bayesian networks extensively for many years, whereas applications in finance and economics are still in their infancy.

We have prepared a bibliography that covers a wide range of research topics to encourage a cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas and solutions. All research articles are grouped by their application domain, e.g. bioinformatics, engineering, etc., and by their analysis type, e.g. decision support, forecasting, etc. It must be noted that this is not a strict classification of articles, it is rather meant to be a general guide for the reader to identify potentially relevant material. Also, articles may touch upon multiple fields of research while using more than one type of research method. As a result, such articles repeatedly appear throughout this bibliography.

We endeavor to keep this bibliography current and welcome suggestions from the research community in this context. To suggest a citation, simply email us at

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