Marketing Science with BayesiaLab: Sri Srikanth presents how Cisco utilizes Bayesian networks for marketing optimization.


Viswanath (Sri) Srikanth, Senior Advanced Analytics Manager & Senior Data Scientist, Cisco


Large & complex purchases at organizations are often made using input from multiple individuals who would have evaluated the solution from multiple perspectives. Identifying all of these influencers from a given organization becomes critical in ensuring marketing and messaging consistency, and to provide relevant answers to their questions. The use of BayesiaLab allowed the Marketing Analytics team at Cisco to identify these buying groups amongst its customer organizations, and subsequently target them as part of its marketing campaigns to serve them and help accelerate their purchase journeys.

Presenter Biography

Sri SrikanthViswanath (Sri) Srikanth is the Advanced Analytics Manager for Cisco’s Global Marketing Analytics team, Cisco Marketing. During his tenure at Cisco he has led data initiatives in understanding and defining Customer Engagement, Marketing Attribution, Customer Journey and more. His work has received multiple industry recognition including the ANNY Award in 2017, ANA Award in 2018 and Highly Commended DRUM Citation in 2018. Prior to joining Cisco, Sri worked at IBM and among other things, chaired the creation of an industry standard for customer data collection at W3C standards organization.


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