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An Insurance Recommendation System Using Bayesian Networks

BayesiaLab in Toronto Today

BayesiaLab in Boston

BayesiaLab in New York City

BayesiaLab Seminar in Washington, D.C.

BayesiaLab Course in Chicago

BayesiaLab Seminars in Washington, New York, and Boston

BayesiaLab in Bellevue, Washington

BayesiaLab Seminar in New York City on May 26, 2017

BayesiaLab Seminar in Boston on May 24, 2017

BayesiaLab Seminar in Washington, D.C., on May 22, 2017

BayesiaLab Course in Boston

Midwest Lecture Tour: Chicago, Detroit, and Cincinnati

Artificial Intelligence Without Data

BayesiaLab at Booz in Boston

BayesiaLab Seminar at NYU Law School

BayesiaLab Course in San Francisco

Busy January for BayesiaLab

Earn BayesiaLab Credits in 2017!

Many Thanks for a Great Year 2016!

Save the Date: 2017 BayesiaLab Conference in Paris

Last BayesiaLab Course of the Year

The BayesiaLab Community in Bangalore is Thriving!

The "Smart Nation" Singapore Embraces Bayesian Networks

First-Ever BayesiaLab Seminar in Indonesia

Six New BayesiaLab Experts in Perth, Australia

Sold-Out BayesiaLab Seminar in Hong Kong

The Asia/Pacific Seminar Series Starts in Sydney

Advanced BayesiaLab Course in Nashville

The 4th Annual BayesiaLab Conference Concludes Today

New Book: Benefits of Bayesian Network Models

BayesiaLab Course at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington

BayesiaLab Course at Microsoft

Summer in Paris

BayesiaLab in Bangalore

BayesiaLab Seminars in Mumbai

BayesiaLab Seminars in Toronto

Hard at Work in Cambridge

BayesiaLab Course in Cambridge

U.S. Army CECOM Team Inducted Into Franz Edelman Academy

BayesiaLab at the 2016 INFORMS Analytics Conference in Orlando

BayesiaLab Seminars in New Delhi and Gurgaon

BayesiaLab in Southfield, Michigan

BayesiaLab Seminar in Downtown Chicago

BayesiaLab Course in Singapore

BayesiaLab East Coast Seminar Series, Day 5: Washington, D.C.

BayesiaLab East Coast Seminar Series, Day 4: Philadelphia

BayesiaLab East Coast Seminar Series, Day 3: Norwalk, Connecticut

BayesiaLab East Coast Seminar Series, Day 2: Cambridge, Massachusetts

East Coast Seminar Series, Day 1: Boston

BayesiaLab in Texas: Day 2—Austin

BayesiaLab in Texas: Day 1—Dallas

BayesiaLab at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center

Seven Workshops in One Week

A.I. in AZ: BayesiaLab Workshop in Phoenix

First BayesiaLab Course of 2016 in New York

Causal Identification & Estimation for Pharma Companies

First Workshop of the Year in New York City

From New York to L.A., it's all about Bayesian networks!

Causal Identification & Estimation Workshop in Singapore

Seventh Annual Conference of the Australasian Bayesian Network Modelling Society

BayesiaLab Course in Melbourne

BayesiaLab Workshop in Singapore

BayesiaLab Course in Paris

Just Announced: Additional BayesiaLab Course in Singapore

A 3-Day Advanced Course Concludes the BayesiaLab Conference

13 New BayesiaLab Experts

The BayesiaLab Conference in Full Swing

BayesiaLab Scholars in Singapore

BayesiaLab Starring at A*STAR in Singapore

BayesiaLab@Biopolis in Singapore

Over 300 Registrations for BayesiaLab Events in Singapore

Last Week: Silicon Valley. This Week: Singapore

The New BayesiaLab Community

"I would rather discover one true cause than gain the kingdom of Persia." - Democritus

Advanced BayesiaLab Course in Paris

All Smiles in Paris

BayesiaLab Course Concluded in Chicago

Chicago Course Starts Today

BayesiaLab Workshop at Northwestern University

BayesiaLab Debut in Australia

Good Morning, Australia!

New BayesiaLab Stars in Singapore

The BayesiaLab Digest - April 17, 2015: Midway Revisited: Detecting Deception by Analysis of Competing Hypotheses

Next Stop: Singapore

9 New BayesiaLab Experts in India

Bayesian Networks 101 in Gurgaon, India

Inference with BayesiaLab on the Go

BayesiaLab Course in Paris

Advanced Course in Boston Completed

"Managing the Decision Supply Chain"?

BayesiaLab in Boston

BayesiaLab, from Rome to Boston.

The BayesiaLab Digest - February 9, 2015
Asymmetric Threat Detection with Bayesian Networks

The BayesiaLab Digest - February 7, 2015
Motion Intent Detection with Bayesian Networks

Advanced BayesiaLab Course in Paris

The BayesiaLab Digest - January 26, 2015:
Modeling Aircraft Encounters with Bayesian Networks

The BayesiaLab Digest - January 23, 2015:
Modelling crime linkage with Bayesian networks.

The BayesiaLab Digest - January 22, 2015:
Evaluating and Ranking Threats to the Long-Term Persistence of Polar Bears.

The BayesiaLab Digest - January 15, 2015

Starts Today: BayesiaLab Course in Houston

The BayesiaLab Digest - January 6, 2015

Happy Holidays from Bayesia USA!

BayesiaLab Course in Paris

"Data-Driven Decisions" - Good Alliteration, Bad Motto.

Get your calendars ready...

Confusing Statistical and Causal Concepts - A 21st-Century Fallacy

A Successful BayesiaLab Course in Washington, D.C.

BayesiaLab Course Starts Today in Washington, D.C.

BayesiaLab Course in Paris, October 2014

Why Big Data Must Go Causal

Judea Pearl's Keynote at the BayesiaLab User Conference

Another Successful BayesiaLab User Conference

Medical Outcomes Research with Bayesian Networks

Using Bayesian Networks to Model Key Drivers

Bayesian Belief Network Applications for Supporting Warfighters

Christina Ray on Intelligence Tradecraft and Bayesian Models

Alex Cosmas: Causation vs. Correlation

Dell's Chief Data Scientist Speaks at the BayesiaLab User Conference

The BayesiaLab User Conference is Now in Full Swing

The Advanced BayesiaLab Course Starts Today at UCLA

The Causal Inference Course Concluded Successfully

Impressions from the Causal Inference Course at UCLA

BayesiaLab Intro Course Completed!

Causal Inference Course Starts Today

BayesiaLab Intro Course at UCLA Starts Today

Upcoming Bayesian Network Courses in Los Angeles

New Edition: Bayesian Networks for Probabilistic Inference and Decision Analysis in Forensic Science

The BayesiaLab Library of Tutorials

New Bayesia USA Website

2nd Annual BayesiaLab User Conference at UCLA

New Address in Singapore

BayesiaLab Course in Chicago

New BayesiaLab Course in Chicago

Snapshots from the BayesiaLab 101 Workshop in Chicago on June 16

New Paper: A psychological approach to learning causal networks

The 2014 Bayesia World Cup Predictor [Recorded Webinar]

2nd Annual BayesiaLab User Conference

Causal Inference with Graphical Models

BayesiaLab Course in Singapore

250th Anniversary of Bayes' Theorem

Judea Pearl to Speak at BayesiaLab User Conference