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New Book: Benefits of Bayesian Network Models

Benefits of Bayesian Network Models

By Philippe Weber and Christophe Simon


BayesiaLab Course at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington

Our three-day BayesiaLab training at the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond concluded today. Congratulations to the 15 scientists who passed the BayesiaLab course with flying colors! The team is now ready to tackle the most vexing problems in marketing science and beyond.


BayesiaLab Course at Microsoft

Teaching some of the smartest people on the planet: our three-day BayesiaLab course starts today at the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington.


Summer in Paris

Hard at work are the participants of our BayesiaLab course this week in Paris. Our training program will continue in Seattle, Washington, in August. Registration is now open.


BayesiaLab in Bangalore

Great turnout for our seminars in Bangalore today! With so many curious analytics professionals in the room, we didn't have nearly enough time for Q&A. Given all the interest, we'll soon be back in town with our 3-day course program.


BayesiaLab Seminars in Mumbai

After two BayesiaLab seminars each in New Delhi and Gurgaon last week, we hosted two more sessions in Mumbai today. It was great to be welcomed by such an enthusiastic group of scientists! Now off to Bangalore and then Hyderabad.


BayesiaLab Seminars in Toronto

We need to start looking for bigger venues for our BayesiaLab seminars! We were delighted to see such great interest in Bayesian networks in Toronto today. Our next destination is India, where we'll be hosting seminars in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Bangalore over the next two weeks.


Hard at Work in Cambridge

Here is a snapshot from day 1 of the advanced BayesiaLab course in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The instructor, Dr. Lionel Jouffe, makes sure that the candidates get their money's worth of mental exercise.


BayesiaLab Course in Cambridge

Another successful BayesiaLab course concluded today in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Congratulations to the ten scientists who gained the coveted BayesiaLab certification today! Our program continues on Monday with a three-day advanced BayesiaLab course. There is still time to register!


U.S. Army CECOM Team Inducted Into Franz Edelman Academy

The Franz Edelman Gala was the highlight of this year's INFORMS Analytics Conference in Orlando, Florida. As part of the U.S. Army team competing for the Franz Edelman Award, and along with the principal team members, Innovative Decisions Inc., American Trade School, and Veteran Technology Group, Bayesia was inducted as a new member of the Franz Edelman Academy. The team was recognized by INFORMS for their project, Bayesian Networks for U.S. Army Electronics Equipment Diagnostic Applications: CECOM Equipment Diagnostic Analysis Tool, Virtual Logistics Assistance Representative.