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2nd Annual BayesiaLab User Conference at UCLA

In less than two months, BayesiaLab users from all over the world will be heading to Southern California. A week's worth of BayesiaLab courses and seminars will lead up to the 2nd Annual BayesiaLab User Conference on September 24, to be held at UCLA, the birthplace of Bayesian Networks. Guest of honor and keynote speaker is Professor Judea Pearl, the inventor of Bayesian Network and one of the world's foremost researchers in the field of causality.

There is still space in all courses, and you can still take advantage of the early-bird registration discount. If you have not yet explored Bayesian Networks for your own research, this is a great opportunity to get started. Learn from the best teachers and see how leading researchers from all domains are generating insights through Bayesian Networks. Register today!

BayesiaLab User Conference at UCLA