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The BayesiaLab Digest - January 6, 2015

Written by Stefan Conrady | 06 January 2015

There is a large body of literature about applied research with Bayesian networks. With this digest, we intend to highlight a selection of recent articles in this domain on a regular basis.

Vlek, Charlotte S., Henry Prakken, Silja Renooij, and Bart Verheij

Extracting Scenarios from a Bayesian Network as Explanations for Legal Evidence

Hamilton, Serena H., Carmel A. Pollino, and Anthony J. Jakeman
Habitat Suitability Modelling of Rare Species Using Bayesian Networks: Model Evaluation under Limited Data
Ecological Modelling, 299 (2015), 64–78

Zhang, Qingyang, Joanna E Burdette, and Ji-Ping Wang
Integrative Network Analysis of TCGA Data for Ovarian Cancer
BMC Systems Biology, 8 (2014)