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Articles on User Conference

 Sep 26, 2014

Judea Pearl's Keynote at the BayesiaLab User Confe...

One of the highlights of this week's BayesiaLab User Conference was certainly Judea Pearl's 2-hour lecture on Bayesian networks, causal and counterfac...
 Sep 26, 2014

Another Successful BayesiaLab User Conference

This past Wednesday, the weeklong BayesiaLab User Conference program concluded with a wide range of user presentations of case studies. A big thank yo...
 Sep 24, 2014

Medical Outcomes Research with Bayesian Networks

Ferit Akova from Geisinger Health System presents an innovative medical use case of Bayesian networks. See Abstract.  
 Sep 24, 2014

Using Bayesian Networks to Model Key Drivers

A presentation by Mick McWilliams on marketing science at the BayesiaLab User Conference today: Using Bayesian Networks to Model Key Drivers.
 Sep 24, 2014

Christina Ray on Intelligence Tradecraft and Bayes...

Christina Ray's talk on Intelligence Tradecraft and Bayesian Models was a highly anticipated presentation at the BayesiaLab User Conference. The scien...
 Sep 24, 2014

Alex Cosmas: Causation vs. Correlation

Alex Cosmas, Chief Scientist of Booz Allen Hamilton, talks about causation vs. correlation at the BayesiaLab User Conference. See abstract.
 Sep 24, 2014

Dell's Chief Data Scientist Speaks at the BayesiaL...

Jack Y. Chen, Ph.D., presents "Revolutionizing Decision Making: How Analytics Will Take Over the Business." See abstract.
 Sep 21, 2014

The Advanced BayesiaLab Course Starts Today at UCL...

The BayesiaLab User Conference Program continues on Sunday with the 3-Day Advanced BayesiaLab Course taught by Dr. Lionel Jouffe. We welcome participa...
 Sep 20, 2014

The Causal Inference Course Concluded Successfully

The second part of the BayesiaLab User Conference pre-conference program concluded on Saturday afternoon. Many thanks to Dr. Felix Elwert, who flew in...