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About Us

Dr. Lionel Jouffe and Dr. Paul Munteanu, cofounders of Bayesia

Bayesia was founded in 2001 by two professors working in the field of artificial intelligence, Dr. Lionel Jouffe and Dr. Paul Munteanu (see some of their research papers). They established their new business at the Technopole in Laval, a small French town close to Brittany, roughly 180 kilometers west of Paris.

Laval, FranceSince the first release of BayesiaLab back then, the company has steadily grown to become the world's leading provider of Bayesian network software. Some of the world's largest and best-known companies have embraced Bayesia's technologies for their research efforts. Of special significance in Bayesia's success story is the strategic partnership with P&G, which began in 2009 and has since driven many innovations.

Even though Bayesia's R&D resources are fully committed with development tasks, everyone in the organization is required to spend time on consulting projects with clients. Dr. Jouffe says, "we have to be intimately familiar with our customers' challenges, so the tools we develop fit into their workflows. We are driven by the idea that software should naturally anticipate the user's next steps, and yet offer a maximum degree of flexibility to the researcher. After all, research is a voyage of discovery and not a script." 

Bayesia is Trusted by Leading Organizations