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BayesiaLab Education Package

BayesiaLab in the Classroom

BayesiaLab has become a popular teaching tool in many undergraduate and graduate courses around the world.

Beyond teaching the Bayesian network paradigm per se, BayesiaLab facilitates an intuitive understanding of key probabilistic concepts. For instance, within BayesiaLab's graphical user interface, students can easily manipulate joint probability distributions to perform inference. Difficult-to-explain problems, like Simpson's Paradox, the Monty Hall Problem, or the Prosecutor's Fallacy, become easily accessible. 

We have now released a new version of BayesiaLab, the BayesiaLab Education Package, which is specifically designed for classroom use. It is priced to meet tight academic budgets.

This BayesiaLab Education Package always includes one BayesiaLab Academic Edition license for instructor use, plus a number of restricted floating Token licenses for student use. The student restriction limits BayesiaLab to using a maximum of 50 variables and 1,000 records. Otherwise, its functionality is identical to the full commercial version.

The price of the BayesiaLab Education Package is a function of the number of Tokens required for student use. 

Product Code   Number of Tokens
for Student Use
  Annual License
Rental Fee (USD)
BLAB-EE-15-12M   15   $1,700.00
BLAB-EE-30-12M   30   $2,000.00
BLAB-EE-50-12M   50   $2,600.00
BLAB-EE-100-12M   100   $2,900.00

The number of Tokens specifies the maximum number of simultaneous student users, which is typically the class size. However, there is no limitation in terms of the number of local BayesiaLab installations. So, BayesiaLab can be installed on all computers in a lab, on virtual machines, on students' laptops, and on home computers, etc. This can include a mix of different operating systems, including 32/64-bit Windows, Mac OS X, Unix/Linux. Furthermore, the instructor has full control over access permissions via a web-based management console.

If you are interested in using BayesiaLab as an individual researcher, without the need for student licenses, please see the BayesiaLab Academic Edition.

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