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BayesiaLab Courses & Seminars

BayesiaLab Events throughout the world

Please join us for one of the many BayesiaLab events we host throughout the year all over the world. For those who are new to the world of Bayesian networks, one of our free webinars or seminars might be a great starting point.

Once you are ready to embrace the Bayesian network paradigm, participating in our three-day introductory BayesiaLab course will give you the coveted BayesiaLab certification. Finally, our three-day advanced BayesiaLab course takes you to the leading edge of applied research with Bayesian networks.

Professional BayesiaLab Courses

April 11–13, 2018 Sydney, Australia Introductory Course
April 1618, 2018 Singapore Advanced Course
May 1618, 2018 Seattle, WA Introductory Course
May 21–23, 2018 Seattle, WA Advanced Course
June 5–7, 2018 Paris, France Introductory Course (in French)
June 2628, 2018 Boston, MA Introductory Course
July 23-25, 2018 San Francisco, CA Introductory Course
August 29–31, 2018 London, UK Introductory Course
September 3–5, 2018 London, UK Advanced Course
September 2628, 2018 New Delhi, India Introductory Course
December 5–7, 2018 New York, NY Introductory Course

Free Webinars

March 23, 2018 1–2 p.m. (CDT, UTC-5) Quantifying Product Cannibalization with Bayesian Networks—A Case Study in Marketing Science
March 30, 2018 In observance of Good Friday, we will not be hosting a webinar.
April 6, 2018 1–2 p.m. (CDT, UTC-5) Dynamic Bayesian Networks
Please see our Webinar Archive for recordings of previous events.

6th Annual BayesiaLab Conference

October 29-31, 2018 Chicago 3-Day Introductory Course
November 1–2, 2018 Chicago 6th Annual BayesiaLab Conference
November 5–7, 2018 Chicago 3-Day Advanced Course