BLS Connection

Global Bayesia License Server

  • By default, all BayesiaLab software and the Bayesia APIs connect to the Global Bayesia License Server, which is physically located at Bayesia’s corporate headquarters.
  • This requires your locally-installed BayesiaLab software to connect to on the destination port 2424, i.e., the BayesiaLab software opens a TCP/IP connection with​
  • If your computer is behind a firewall, you may need to ask your IT department to define an exception to allow you to connect.
  • To check whether you can connect to the Global Bayesia License Server, open Command Prompt (on a Windows PC) or Terminal (on a Mac) and enter ping

Local Bayesia License Server

  • If a corporate firewall prevents TCP/IP connections to, a Local Bayesia License Server can be installed within your corporate environment.
  • The Local Bayesia License Server consists of a small program that runs in the background on a server to which your locally-installed BayesiaLab software and the APIs can connect.
  • This setup requires a one-time connection per license term, e.g., annually, to the Global Bayesia License Server to initialize the Local Bayesia License Server.
  • For the ongoing operation, however, no Internet connection is required on your server, and all ports can be blocked.

Data Security

  • BayesiaLab and the Bayesia APIs always run locally on the hardware on which you installed the software, e.g., your desktop or laptop computer.
  • There is no provision for running BayesiaLab remotely on Bayesia's servers.
  • Your local BayesiaLab installation never transmits any of your data or models to the Global Bayesia License Server.
  • The only information sent to the Global Bayesia License Server is the user login and hashed password, the user account, and the version of BayesiaLab software currently in use.