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Product Definition

  • With a Floating Token License, the BayesiaLab software is installed locally on each user’s computer.

  • BayesiaLab needs to be connected to a Bayesia License Server while users run a BayesiaLab session or before they check out (“borrow”) a license for offline use, e.g., prior to air travel.

  • The number of purchased or rented Floating Token Licenses determines the maximum number of concurrent user sessions.

  • For instance, if your company rents three tokens, you can have a maximum of three concurrent user sessions.

  • There is no restriction regarding the number of installations, so dozens or even hundreds of users can have BayesiaLab installed locally and ready to launch whenever needed.

  • Users can have multiple copies of BayesiaLab installed, e.g., on their desktop, laptop, including virtual machines, and even Windows tablet computers.

  • Account Managers can add/delete end-users and manage their access via a web-based Account Management Panel (see Bayesia License Server — Account Management).


  • A Floating Token License is available in two versions:

    • A Worldwide Floating Token License without any geographical restrictions.

    • A Continental Floating Token License is licensed for use within a specific geography. UTC time zones define the available geographies:

      • North, Central, and South America (NCSA): UTC -12 to UTC -2

      • Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA): UTC -1 to UTC +3

      • Asia Pacific (APAC): UTC +4 to UTC +12

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