🖥️2022 BayesiaLab Conference — 10th Anniversary

A Zoom Virtual Event — October 24–28, 2022

The 10th Annual BayesiaLab Conference

2022 marked a significant milestone for Bayesia. We hosted the 10th Annual BayesiaLab Conference. This special event featured more speakers from more fields than ever! Our exciting lineup of talks reflected the ever-growing relevance of Bayesian networks for research, analytics, and reasoning.

Conference Presentations

If you missed some of the talks, we uploaded recordings of all presentations and the corresponding slides.

🇫🇷pageInnovations in Knowledge Elicitation🇮🇹pageUsing Bayesian Networks for Climate Change Risk Assessment Against Scenario Analysis🇧🇷pageBayesian Networks and Network Science Applied to Water Resources: Streamflow Analysis and Forecast🇬🇧pageBayesian Networks and Their Applications in Modelling Resilience and Regime Shifts🇨🇦pageA Causal Framework for Analyzing Cumulative Environmental Impacts🇺🇸pageA Probabilistic Community Analysis for Coral Reef Ecosystems in Puerto Rico🇬🇧pageDecision-Support for Rheumatoid Arthritis Using Bayesian Networks: Diagnosis, Management, and Person🇫🇷pageA Meta-Model for Predicting the Quality of Knowledge Elicitation Sessions🇫🇷pageOptimizing Maintenance and Avoiding Major Breakdowns of Construction Machines🇺🇸pageEnhancing Systems Health Monitoring by Embedding Failure Mode and Effect Analysis🇫🇷pageBayesian Networks and Precision Oncology: Application to Prostate Cancer🇺🇸pageExploratory and Confirmatory Bayesian Networks🇺🇸pageEstablishing Causality Using Bayesian Networks🇮🇳pageIntegrating Market Research with Applied Analytics to Boost Technology Service Trust🇺🇸pageImproving the Customer Experience with Predictive Analytics🇩🇪pageComparison of the Different Methods Used to Calculate Feature Importance🇩🇪pageDriver Analysis in Brand Trackers — Bayesian Network vs Shapley Value Regression🇺🇸pageDriver Analysis Using Topics Derived From Unstructured Textual Data🇬🇧pageFrom Explanation to Interpretations🇺🇸pageCybersecurity Risk Assessment with Bayesian Networks🇦🇹pageNuclear Data Evaluation with Bayesian Networks🇳🇱pagePersuasive Contrastive Explanations for Bayesian Networks🇬🇧pageMapping Changes in Science Fiction Worldbuilding in Response to Scientific Discovery🇪🇸pageDynamic Bayesian Networks for Prediction of Chemical Radioisotope Levels in Nuclear Reactors🇺🇸pageModeling the Risk of Material Misstatement of Current Expected Credit Losses🇺🇸pageCross-Examination with Bayesian Networks🇨🇿pageMonotonicity in Bayesian Networks for Computerized Adaptive Testing🇺🇾pageApplying Bayesian Networks to Help Physicians Diagnose Respiratory Diseases🇺🇸pagePotential Emerging Hazards in Vehicle Safety🇺🇸pageManifold Learning Analysis and Bayesian Latent-Observational Feature Prediction🇺🇸pageExploratory and Confirmatory Bayesian Networks

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