• With Open, you can select a Bayesian network file via a File Dialog and load it into Graph Window.

  • To the right of the file list, a preview panel shows you the structure of the Bayesian network to be loaded.

  • Additionally, you can specify what you wish to load along with the to-be-opened file. Clicking on the icons to the right of the file list allows you to toggle on and off specific file contents:

    • Load the Dataset with the network.

    • Load the Evidence Scenario File with the network, if available.

    • Load the Junction Tree with the network, if available.

    • Load the Virtual Dataset with the network, if available.

    • Load the Simulator, i.e., load the WebSimulator configuration, if available.

  • The Files of Type dropdown menu allows you to filter the types of Bayesian network formats to be displayed in the file list.

  • In addition to BayesiaLab's XBL format, select versions of BIF, NET, SSS, SCI, and DNE formats may be supported.

Bayesia does not guarantee the compatibility of BayesiaLab with any third-party or open-source Bayesian network formats.

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