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  • Since BayesiaLab's initial release in 2002, this User Guide has grown from a small help file to a comprehensive software documentation, now exceeding 1,500 topics.

  • With the BayesiaLab software eco-system continuing to grow rapidly, this User Guide is very much a living document, with more details being added daily. Plus, the annual cycle of major releases adds countless new features.

  • Beyond documenting the software functionality, this User Guide also serves as a reference to BayesiaLab-related nomenclature.

  • Many of BayesiaLab's analysis functions are entirely new and unique in the world of research, so many BayesiaLab-specific terms are neologisms. Here, you can find what we mean with expressions such as "Target Dynamic Profile" or "Likelihood Matching."

  • In this User Guide, you will also find many cross-references to examples and case studies presented in seminars, webinars, and our e-book, now available as a free online edition within this Knowledge Hub.

User Guide Structure

  • This User Guide's tree structure mirrors the BayesiaLab software's structure.

  • For instance, if you want to learn about the details of the function located in BayesiaLab's menu structure at Main Menu > Analysis > Visual > Overall > Arc > Mutual Information, the corresponding documentation resides in this User Guide at: Main Menu | Analysis | Visual | Overall | Arc | Mutual Information.

  • If the same function is accessible via multiple paths, e.g., from the Main Menu, from the Graph Panel Context Menu, and the Node Context Menu, the main documentation of this function will be attached to the highest level in the hierarchy in this case, the Main Menu. All other mentions of the function will refer back to this main entry.

BayesiaLab's Graphical User Interface

  • BayesiaLab runs inside the Application Window.

  • Inside the Application Window, there are four main elements:

    • The Main Menu serves as the top-level navigation to all features and tools in BayesiaLab.

    • The Toolbar provides quick one-click access to frequently used functions.

    • The Graph Window is your work surface for creating and editing Bayesian network graphs.

    • Each Graph Window corresponds to a Bayesian network, which you can save as a file in XBL format.

    • The Graph Bar, at the bottom of the Main Window, allows you to manage multiple Graph Windows, which can all be opened simultaneously.

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