• The Discretization screen is part of Step 4 โ€” Discretization and Aggregation within the Data Import Wizard.

  • This screen is only available if you designated at least one Continuous variable in Step 2 โ€” Definition of Variable Types.

  • BayesiaLab requires the discretization of all Continuous variables, and in this screen, you need to specify how to discretize those variables.

  • The Discretization process determines how a Continuous variable will be imported into BayesiaLab, i.e.,

    • the number of intervals (or bins);

    • the values of the thresholds which define the ranges of the intervals.

  • These attributes define the transformation of the underlying Continuous variable in the dataset into a discretized Continuous node in BayesiaLab.

To learn more about the important distinction between Continuous and Discrete nodes, please see these topics:

  • Continuous Nodes

  • Discrete Nodes


Discretization Types Overview

  • The first item in the Discretization panel is the Discretization Type drop-down menu.

  • The items on this list can be grouped into Automatic Discretization versus Manual Discretization.

    • The bottom item on the drop-down menu, Manual, refers to a Manual Discretization approach in which you have full control over thresholds, etc.

    • The remaining eleven items all refer to different kinds of Automatic Discretization.

  • However, even in Manual Discretization, you take advantage of the algorithms available with Automatic Discretization.

Discretization Types in Detail

  • Manual Discretization

  • Automatic Discretization

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