Workflow 2

Workflow Instructions

  • In Workflow 1, we exported a Structural Prior Dictionary, including the Causal Structural Priors, and then imported this dictionary as an Arc Dictionary to create a causal network with these priors.

  • In this Workflow 2, we will immediately utilize the Causal Structural Priors to machine-learning a new network without the export/import step.

  • However, these new Causal Structural Priors have not been used for updating the arc directions in the network.

  • Select Main Menu > Learning > Unsupervised Structural Learning > Taboo.

Like Arc Constraints, Structural Priors, Temporal Indices, and Filtered States, Causal Structural Priors impose constraints on learning. As a result, EQ-based algorithms are not available under those conditions.

  • This newly learned network now reflects the causal order obtained from ChatGPT.

  • With the final arc directions in place, we should arrange the nodes into a more intuitive layout, i.e., positioning parent nodes above child nodes.

  • Select Main Menu > View > Layout > Genetic Grid Layout > Top-Down Repartition.

Workflow Illustration

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