Node Translator


  • The Hellixia Node Translator is powered by ChatGPT and DeepL.

  • It allows you to easily translate the Node Names, the State Names, and any Node Comments into another language.

Usage & Example

  • We use an unconnected network featuring 240 statements that are all related to personality and character traits, e.g., "I get angry easily", or "I smile a lot".

  • These statements are contained in the Node Names.

  • The Node Names are in English, and we want to translate them into German.

  • Select all nodes to be translated.

  • Then, select Main Menu > Hellixia > Node Translator.

  • In the Node Translator window, you can pick the target language from the dropdown menu.

  • You can also specify the Translator Model, e.g., GPT-3.5, GPT-4, or DeepL.

  • Finally, you need to check what Node Properties should be translated, e.g., Node Names, State Names, or Node Comments. Check all that apply.

  • Clicking OK starts the translation process.

  • Once the process has concluded, all node names appear in German.

Workflow Illustration

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