WebSimulator Administration


  • The WebSimulator Administration Page is your interface to the BayesiaLab WebSimulator Server, which is physically hosted on the premises of Bayesia S.A.S.

  • On the Administration Page, you can publish a WebSimulator that you designed and configured in BayesiaLab through the WebSimulator Editor.

WebSimulator Administration Guide โ€” Publishing Your Model

Administration Page Login


  • Enter your Username and Password and click Login.

  • Your Username and Password are the same as the credentials that you use to log in to the Bayesia License Server (BLS).

  • If you are a user of a Single-User/Single-Machine License (SUSM), you may not yet have credentials to access BLS.

  • In that case, you need to use your Client Identifier (format: AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD) to sign in to the Bayesia License Server and register. Please follow the steps explained on the BLS Login page.

Multiple Accounts

  • If your organization has multiple accounts with Bayesia, you need to ensure that the account you use has the appropriate privileges for publishing public or private models.

Change Account & Logout

  • Clicking the Account icon in the upper right corner of the Administration Page brings up a drop-down menu that allows you to:

    • Change Account , i.e., select another account associated with your organization.

    • Log Out from the Administration Page.

Publish Your Model

  • These subsections explain the core processes of uploading, publishing, and managing your previously configured Bayesian network model.

  • Although they are both very similar, we present the workflows for WebSimulator and Adaptive Questionnaire separately for clarity in terminology:

    • Publishing a WebSimulator

    • Publishing an Adaptive Questionnaire

  • Either workflow concludes the publication process and makes your model available for use by the intended audience.

  • You may wish to refer your audience to the end-user guides:

    • Using the WebSimulator

    • Using the Adaptive Questionnaire

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