BayesiaLab Trial Software

Free 30-Day BayesiaLab Trial

We offer an unrestricted trial version of the BayesiaLab software so you can evaluate our technology at your leisure.
  • All BayesiaLab functions are available in the trial version. There are no restrictions on the number of nodes and observations.
  • Upon registering for the BayesiaLab trial version, we will typically send you the download and activation instructions within 24 hours.
  • The instructions you receive will include download links for a number of operating systems, including Windows, macOS (Intel and ARM), and Unix/Linux.
  • From the date you receive your trial license credentials, you can use BayesiaLab for 30 days.
The 30-day trial period starts with the delivery of your credentials, not the date you install the trial.

BayesiaLab Trial Registration

Note to Current BayesiaLab Users

  • Please don't use the evaluation version to restore or upgrade your existing BayesiaLab license. The installation files are different from the licensed versions of BayesiaLab.
  • If you require an update, you can download the latest version via the Help menu in BayesiaLab: Main Menu > Help > Check for Updates.