Step 4 — Discretization and Aggregation


  • Step 4 — Discretization and Aggregation requires you to make several more important choices before concluding the import process.

  • As opposed to the previous steps, which all consisted of a single screen, Step 4 provides one screen per variable type for six screens.

Overview of Screens

  • As you go from Step 3 to Step 4, the variable that you last selected in Step 3 remains highlighted.

  • And depending on the variable type, Step 4 starts with one of six possible screens, one for each variable type. Click on the thumbnails in the following table for a preview.

  • Note that for Row Identifier and Unused variables, no actions are available. Except for the Data panel, the corresponding screens are blank.

For all other variable types, we discuss all available options in detail in separate sections:

Variable Type-Specific Screens

  • Weights

  • Learning/Test

  • Discretization

  • Aggregation

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