Step 5 — Import Report

The Import Report is the fifth and final step of the Data Import Wizard.


  • After you click Finish in Step 4 of the Data Import Wizard, two progress bars inform you about the status:

  • Depending on the size of your dataset, the selected discretization algorithms, and the number of Missing Values, this may take anywhere from a fraction of a second to several minutes.

  • Once completed, BayesiaLab opens up a new Graph Window with all imported variables now represented as nodes.

  • At the same time, a prompt appears, offering you the Import Report.

  • Note that this report is entirely optional. So whether you display it or not does not affect the completion of the Data Import Wizard.

  • Click Yes to bring up the Import Report window.

  • The first column displays the names of the imported variables.

  • The second column displays the type associated with each variable.

    • For a Weight variable, no further information is available or provided.

    • For a Learn/Test variable, the association with BayesiaLab's Learn and Test labels is shown, plus the corresponding number of cases.

  • The third column shows all States of each variable, if applicable.

  • The right part of the report depends on the variable type:

    • Discrete Variables:

      • The report shows each state and, adjacent to it, any aggregations that were performed. Furthermore, the color of the rightmost cell in the row highlights that an aggregation took place.

    • Continuous Variables:

      • The names of the discretized states are shown.

      • The next two columns to the right report the lower and upper thresholds for each interval.

      • The rightmost column is colored according to the discretization algorithm used.

      • Asked/Obtained indicates the requested discretization algorithm versus the one that was used as the fallback option.

  • Note that you can save this Import Report as an HTML file, so you can subsequently open the fully-formatted report in Excel or any other spreadsheet software.

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