Game 2


"In this example you should think of A, B, C, and D as โ€œpretreatmentโ€ variables. (The treatment, as usual, is X.) Now there is one back-door path Xโ†Aโ†’ Bโ†Dโ†’Eโ†’Y. This path is already blocked by the collider at B, so we donโ€™t need to control for anything." (Pearl, p. 160)

Game 2 in BayesiaLab

For Game 2, we have once again created a causal Bayesian network, which is available for download here:โ€‹

  • Note that the associated probability tables are fictitious. For our purposes, only the causal graph is relevant.

  • As before, we select Main Menu > Analysis > Visual > Graph > Influence Paths to Target to analyze the paths from X to Y.โ€‹

  • We can see that there is no noncausal path.

  • Hence, there is then no need to control for any variables.

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