🇺🇸Quantifying Cisco’s Mindshare to Guide Marketing Investment Decisions

Sri Srikanth, CISCO


As a B2B company, Cisco likes to understand its overall Mindshare as a precursor to eventual market share in specific technology areas it sells into. The type of information that flows into Mindshare tends to be sparse and not frequently collected, and relying on any single measure leads to incorrect conclusions regarding Cisco’s overall Mindshare. Learn how the team of data scientists and analysts turned to BayesiaLab to unearth the right way to combine this sparse data, as well as glean suggestions for optimization of the underlying measures to increase mindshare and, eventually, market share.

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Sri Srikanth, srisrik@cisco.com Advanced Data Analytics & Strategy Global Insights & Analytics Cisco

Viswanath (Sri) Srikanth is the Advanced Analytics Manager for Cisco’s Global Marketing Analytics team, Cisco Marketing. During his tenure at Cisco, he has led data initiatives in understanding and defining Customer Engagement, Marketing Attribution, Customer Journey, and more. His work received multiple industry recognition, including the ANNY Award in 2017, the ANA Award in 2018, and the Highly Commended DRUM Citation in 2018. Before joining Cisco, Sri worked at IBM and, among other things, chaired the creation of an industry standard for customer data collection at the W3C standards organization.

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