Total Effect

Total Effect

The Total Effect (TE) is estimated as the derivative of the Target Node with respect to the driver node under study.

TE(X,Y)=ฮดYฮดXTE(X,Y) = \frac{{{\delta _Y}}}{{{\delta _X}}}

where XX is the analyzed variable and YY is the Target Node.

The Total Effect represents the change in the mean of the Target Node associated with โ€” and not necessarily caused by โ€” a small modification of the mean of a driver node.

The Total Effect is the ratio of these two values.

Standardized Total Effect

The Standardized Total Effect (STE) is also displayed. It represents the Total Effect multiplied by the ratio of the standard deviation of the driver node and the standard deviation of the Target Node.

STE(X,Y)=ฮดYฮดXร—ฯƒXฯƒYSTE(X,Y) = \frac{{{\delta _Y}}}{{{\delta _X}}} \times \frac{{{\sigma _X}}}{{{\sigma _Y}}}

This means that Standardized Total Effect takes into account the โ€œpotentialโ€ of the driver under study.

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