Bayesia License Server Connection

  • Unlike a BayesiaLab Single-User/Single-Machine License, a BayesiaLab Floating Token License requires a continuous connection to while using the BayesiaLab software.

  • Note that this connection only transmits software credentials for validation purposes.

  • The BayesiaLab software always runs locally on your hardware, and no data or models are transmitted to the Bayesia License Server.

Starting BayesiaLab

  • Each time you start BayesiaLab, you will be prompted to enter your User Name and Password.

  • Check "Remember Password" to save your credentials.

  • This connects your BayesiaLab software to the Bayesia License Server to validate your credentials.

  • Upon connecting successfully, BayesiaLab will start up.

Troubleshooting the Connection

  • If you can access the Bayesia License Server Login Page but do not get a response upon entering your credentials, it means that BayesiaLab could not connect with the Bayesia License Server, and you most likely have a problem with your firewall.

  • Please ask your IT administrator to define an outbound rule that will allow BayesiaLab to communicate with the Bayesia License Server at

  • For instance, if you had BayesiaLab installed in the C:\Program Files\Bayesia directory, your IT administrator would need to establish an outbound rule for C:\Program Files\Bayesia\BayesiaLab\jreXXX\bin\javaw.exe.


  • If you cannot solve the firewall issue, a workaround is to use an external, non-corporate Internet connection, e.g., at home or using a cellphone as a hotspot, etc., and connect to the BayesiaLab License Server from there without the firewall blocking problem. Then, you can enable the โ€œBorrow Sessionโ€ option on the second screen when you start up BayesiaLab. Then, you can work offline for the time you have specified.

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