BayesiaLab Professional — Prepaid Elastic Licensing


  • Elastic Licensing provides several pre-paid plans that give you on-demand access to BayesiaLab Professional to anyone in your organization anywhere in the world.

  • It offers the ultimate flexibility in software licensing and allows you to scale up or down your BayesiaLab usage as required by projects.

Product Definition

  • With Elastic Licensing, BayesiaLab Professional software is always installed locally on the end-user's computer.

  • An Internet connection to the Global Bayesia License Server is required whenever users run a BayesiaLab session or when they check out a license for offline use. In this context, the use of a Local Bayesia License Server is not possible.

  • When running an instance of BayesiaLab, the actual time BayesiaLab runs is deducted from the prepaid usage hours.

  • The usage time is calculated from the moment BayesiaLab is started to the point when the program is terminated on the end user's computer.

  • To avoid the accidental counting of idle time against usage hours, for instance, when a computer is left unattended, you can specify an Inactivity Timeout.

  • Any prepaid hours you have purchased can be used by your teams anywhere in the world. So, whether you have one analyst working for 50 hours or five analysts working for ten hours each, the BayesiaLab usage would be the same.

Prepaid Elastic Licensing Packages

Validity Period*Usage HoursPrice/Hour (USD)Package Price (USD)Package Code

30 Days




12 Months




12 Months




12 Months




12 Months




12 Months




12 Months




12 Months




12 Months




12 Months




*Unused usage hours will expire at the end of the validity period.

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