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  • If you want to learn about the practical applications of Bayesian networks, you've come to the right place.

  • You will find countless real-world examples and many hours of tutorial videos in this section.

  • Most examples include the corresponding raw data in CSV format plus the associated BayesiaLab XBL files.

  • This allows you to replicate all the steps shown in the examples.

๐Ÿ†•pageWebinar: Discovering Complex Causal Structures with HellixiapageWebinar: Harnessing Hellixia: Innovations in Bayesian Belief Network ConstructionpageUsing BayesiaLab's New REST API for Diagnosing COVID-19 with a Smartphone ApppageExamples from The Book of Why Illustrated with BayesiaLabpageTech Talk: Epidemic Modeling with Bayesian NetworkspageWebinar: Reasoning About Energy Reliability and Renewable EnergypageWebinar: Spatial Modeling with Bayesian NetworkspageWebinar: Differential Diagnosis of COVID-19pageWebinar: Differential Diagnosis of DiseasespageExample: Cancer Classification with Gene Expression DatapageExample: Cancer Classification with Gene Expression DatapageExample: Unsupervised Learning with Currency Exchange DatapageExample: Air Defense Threat Assessment ModelpageExample: Diagnostic Decision Support for Lung DiseasespageExample: Wisconsin Breast Cancer DatabasepageWebinar: Beyond Effect Sizes โ€” Using BayesiaLab's Target Dynamic ProfilepageWebinar: Black Swans & Bayesian NetworkspageWebinar: What is Importance?pageWebinar: Calculating Contributions Using Causal CounterfactualspageWebinar: Simulation-Meta-ModelingpageWebinar: Scenario Assessment with the WebSimulatorpageWebinar: Factor Analysis Reinventedโ€”Probabilistic Latent Factor InductionpageSeminar: Key Drivers Analysis and OptimizationpageSeminar: Knowledge Elicitation & Geopolitical Reasoning Under Extreme UncertaintypageSeminar: Bayesian Networks for Health Economics and Public Policy Research

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