Normalized Entropy

Normalized Entropy

Normalized Entropy is a metric that takes into account the maximum possible value of Entropy and returns a normalized measure of the uncertainty associated with the variable:

HN(X)=H(X)logโก2(SX){H_N}(X) = \frac{{H(X)}}{{{{\log }_2}({S_X})}}


In this new example, we now compare the variables X1 and X2, which each represent ball colors:

  • X1 โˆˆ {blue, red}

  • X2 โˆˆ {blue, red, green, yellow, purple, orange, brown, black}

Normalized Entropy allows us to compare the degree of uncertainty even though these two variables have different numbers of states, i.e., two versus eight states:



In BayesiaLab, the values of Entropy and Normalized Entropy can be accessed in a number of ways:

  • In Validation Mode , with the Information Mode activated, hovering over a Monitor with your cursor will bring up a Tooltip that includes Entropy and Normalized Entropy.

  • You can also sort the Monitors in the Monitor Panel according to their Normalized Entropy via Monitor Context Menu > Sort > Normalized Entropy.

  • The Normalized Entropy is also available as a Node Analysis metric for Size and Color in the 2D and 3D Mapping Tools.

  • In Function Nodes, Entropy and Normalized Entropy are available as Inference Functions in the Equation tab.

    • Entropy: Entropy(?X1?, False)

    • Normalized Entropy: Entropy(?X1?, True)

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