🇫🇷Decision-Making in the Era of ChatGPT: Thoughts Inspired by the I Ching (易经)

Emmanuel Keita, Sundiata

To be presented at the 2024 BayesiaLab Spring Conference in Cincinnati on April 12, 2024.


I propose a 3,000-year journey through time and space, from the earliest traces of oracular practices and the I Ching to the current use of so-called “generative (probabilistic) artificial intelligence (modeling)” with Bayesialab as a fabulous pedagogical tool.

Not forgetting God and a game of dice, this talk will question our perceptions of the world, our relationship to chance, and, by the way, our attitude to the eternal question of how to make (good...) decisions as humans in an ever-changing world 易!

About the Presenter

Emmanuel KEITA is a consultant, keynote speaker, and trainer.

An advocate of "being more human in a woLRd of machines” he offers a unique perspective on decision-making at the intersection of technology (AI, BI, MDM, Process Mining, etc.), cognitive science, and traditional knowledge.

Coaching anyone facing stressful performance, fatigue, or motivational situations (human potential optimization techniques - TOP 2024), Emmanuel is also a qi gong instructor interested in the "study and reasoned use" of the I Ching as a reflexive and holistic strategic tool.

Independent expert for Collège Numérique FRANCE 2030, Emmanuel is also a National Defense Auditor (France).

Emmanuel Keita

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