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  • We offer a specially-priced version of BayesiaLab, for academic teaching purposes and academic research, the BayesiaLab Academic Edition.

License Definition

  • The BayesiaLab Academic Edition is only available to academic users, i.e., students and faculty of accredited colleges and universities. Proof of current academic affiliation will be required from prospective users.

  • The determination of qualifying academic status is at the sole discretion of Bayesia.

  • The BayesiaLab Academic Edition is equivalent in its functionality to the full commercial version of BayesiaLab Professional.

  • The BayesiaLab Academic Edition is intended for the exclusive use for educational purposes and for conducting academic research under the following conditions:

    • Any commercial use of the software is prohibited.

    • Any research conducted with the BayesiaLab Academic Edition is not primarily intended for the benefit of a third party (e.g., as part of a research contract).

    • Any research results (e.g., journal articles, manuscripts, theses, book chapters, reports, and presentations) will be made available to any member of the public upon request and at no cost.

Licensing Options

Product Type3-Month Rental (USD)6-Month Rental (USD)12-Month Rental (USD)

Academic Edition Single-User/Single-Machine License




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