BLS Session Dashboard


  • The Session Dashboard tab offers tools for analyzing the usage of Floating Token Licenses or Elastic Pricing Licenses that are associated with Accounts of which you are a Manager.


  • Given the wealth of information available on the Session Dashboard, you may want to limit the presentation of data to certain subsets.

  • You can set filters for:

    • Users

    • Subscriptions

    • Time Periods

  • Any filter you define here applies to all Dashboard Views.

Dashboard Views


  • Under the Charts tab, you can view plots for numerous usage metrics:

    • Sessions time: total time of usage by day

    • Sessions number: total number of sessions by day

    • Session result: the failure rate of sessions, e.g., due to connection problems with BLS

    • Parallel sessions: number of concurrent users by day

    • Max parallel sessions: maximum number of simultaneous user sessions in a day

    • Hourly usage: usage by hour

User Information

  • The User Information tab provides an overview of the current usage of your Floating Token Licenses for each user. Icons indicate the three possible connection states of each user:

Subscription Information

  • The Subscription Information tab shows the usage for each subscription that is associated with your Account.

Session Details

  • The Sessions Details tab lists all User Sessions, past and present.


  • In the Actions column, a Manager can send messages to any User who is currently connected to BLS or, if necessary, close or "kill" any active Session.

  • Closing a Session can be helpful, for instance, when a user forgets to close his BayesiaLab session, thus "hogging" a token and preventing another User from starting a Session.

Connection Map

  • The Connection Map shows all the locations where your BayesiaLab tokens have been used.

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