Hellixia Dimension Elicitor Keywords


In this section, we demonstrate how Hellixia can be utilized to form a semantic network from the 145 keywords provided by the Dimension Elicitor, illustrating the semantic connections between these keywords.

Workflow for Creating the Semantic Network

  • Create Nodes: create a node for each keyword by importing a CSV file where all the keywords are located on the first line, followed by a '0' on the second line and a '1' on the third line for each keyword. This structure will help BayesiaLab interpret these columns as variables.

  • Generate Embeddings: Once you have created your nodes, select them all and use the Embedding Generator. This tool will capture the semantic meaning associated with the node names.

  • Learn Semantic Relationships: Use the Maximum Weight Spanning Tree algorithm to learn the semantic relationships between these nodes (variables). This algorithm will create the most significant connections between the nodes, forming a tree structure that maximizes the total weight of the tree.

  • Automatic Node Positioning: Apply the Symmetric Layout algorithm to the nodes for automatic positioning. This will organize your nodes in a visually clear and understandable way.

  • Switch to Validation Mode and conduct a Node Force Analysis.

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