Network Comments


  • Network Comments provides space for notes, descriptions, and references regarding a Bayesian network.

  • In the Network Comments field, you can enter and edit paragraph-style text.


  • You can access the Network Comments Editor in two ways:

    • Main Menu > Network > Properties > Comments.

    • Graph Panel Context Menu > Properties > Comments.

  • A new window opens featuring the Node Comments Editor.

  • By default, the Node Comments field contains the date and time the file was created, plus the user that created the file.

  • Alternatively, the Network Comments field displays any custom text you may have defined, such as a problem domain description.

  • You can apply HTML-style formatting to your text using the toolbar, including links and images.

  • Note that Network Comments are automatically saved with the network file.

  • If you share your network file with others, the information contained in Network Comments will be accessible to them.

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