BayesiaLab Professional — Single-User/Single-Machine License


  • A Single-User/Single-Machine (SUSM) License is the simplest way for an individual user to work with BayesiaLab.

Product Definition

  • A Single-User/Single-Machine (SUSM) License is tied to one user and one physical computer.

  • You cannot transfer, share, or make a SUSM License available to multiple users via a virtual machine or application servers.

  • You cannot share a SUSM License by means of sharing hardware between multiple users, e.g., via a shared laptop.

  • You may transfer a SUSM License between computers, e.g., due to a hardware upgrade, if you follow the specified uninstall/reinstall protocol.

  • A SUSM License can run entirely offline, i.e., operating in environments without an Internet connection.

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