The Network menu includes a range of standard functions related to:

  • Creating new files

  • Opening and closing files

  • Generating reports with network statistics

Startup Page

  • Clicking on the menu item Startup Page brings up a window featuring 12 quick-access cards.

  • The top row features some of the most common user actions after starting BayesiaLab:

    • Manually Create a Network

    • Open a Bayesian Network

    • Learn a Network from Data

    • Open the Media Center

  • The bottom two rows of cards show the most recently opened files with a network preview.

  • By default, the Startup screen is displayed right after launching BayesiaLab. The checkbox allows you to disable its automatic display.



  • Closes the active Graph Window and prompts you to save the corresponding file, if your network, the associated dataset, or the Evidence Scenario File were changed since the last Save operation.

Close Others

  • Closes all open Graph Windows, except for the active one, and prompts you to save the corresponding files, if any of them were modified.

Close All

  • Closes all open Graph Windows and prompts you to save the corresponding files if any of them were modified.

Recent Networks

  • Provides a list of the most recently opened networks so you can quickly reopen them as needed.

Set Working Directory

  • Set Working Directory allows you to define a Working Directory, i.e., a workspace, by associating a name with a specific directory.

  • Once a Working Directory is set, it will serve as the default location for all file operations, such as Open, Save As, etc.

  • Subsequently, you can recall the directories you defined with the menu item Recent Working Directories.

Recent Working Directories

  • With Recent Working Directories, you can quickly recall a Working Directory you previously specified.

  • The list features the name you assigned plus the corresponding path.

  • The size of this list can be modified under Main Menu > Window > Preferences > Menus. See Recent Networks.






Save as Image



Closes all graphs, prompts you to save if needed and closes BayesiaLab.

Allows exportingtheMarkovblanketofthetargetvariable of the current network into a language selected in the following dialog box:

Once the network is exported in a language, it can be used to infer the value of the target variable according to the observations of the other variables.

Allows locking the network with a password to prevent it from being edited. Then, the network can be used only in Validation Mode. This menu gives access to the lock manager.

Prints the Bayesian network of the active graph window. An assistant gives access to:

  • the setup of the page-setting,

  • the configuration of the printer,

  • the selection of the desired scale for the network,

  • the possibility of displaying reference marks. These marks are useful when the network has to be print on more than one page. They indicate the page number (column, row), the border, and the vicinity,

  • the possibility to center the network.


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