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BayesiaLab Course in Paris, October 2014

No rest for the weary! After last month's mega training program in Los Angeles, we are back to our regular course schedule. This week, a group of researchers from France and Switzerland completed the 3-day introductory BayesiaLab course in Paris. Coming up in November: BayesiaLab Course in Washington, D.C.


The Advanced BayesiaLab Course Starts Today at UCLA

The BayesiaLab User Conference Program continues on Sunday with the 3-Day Advanced BayesiaLab Course taught by Dr. Lionel Jouffe. We welcome participants from the U.S. Army, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Deloitte, Schlumberger, and the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute.


The Causal Inference Course Concluded Successfully

The second part of the BayesiaLab User Conference pre-conference program concluded on Saturday afternoon. Many thanks to Dr. Felix Elwert, who flew in from Berlin to teach the Causal Inference Course!


Impressions from the Causal Inference Course at UCLA

Huge interest today in Felix Elwert's course on causal inference at UCLA. As a special bonus, Judea Pearl appeared as a surprise guest at the event. 

The pre-conference program of the BayesiaLab User Conference continues tomorrow.


BayesiaLab Intro Course Completed!

We had eight happy campers, i.e. graduates, at the conclusion of the 3-day BayesiaLab introductory course this week in Los Angeles. Many more events to come next week at the 2nd Annual BayesiaLab User Conference! The next introductory course is already scheduled for November 19-21 in Washington, D.C.


Causal Inference Course Starts Today

27 scientists gathered this morning at UCLA to join Dr. Felix Elewert's course on Causal Inference with Directed Graphs. Please see the schedule for all the other events that are part of the 2nd Annual BayesiaLab User Conference.


BayesiaLab Intro Course at UCLA Starts Today

We're off to a great start!


Upcoming Bayesian Network Courses in Los Angeles

In two upcoming courses, to be hosted by Bayesia in September at UCLA, you can learn about the foundations of Probabilistic Graphical Models and Bayesian networks, and how to use them for applied research framework with BayesiaLab.

3-Day Introductory BayesiaLab Course, Sep. 16-18, at UCLA

3-Day Advanced BayesiaLab Course, Sep. 21-23, at UCLA


The BayesiaLab Library of Tutorials

Have you checked out the BayesiaLab Library of Tutorials lately? Here, you can find numerous case studies about real-world applications of Bayesian Networks and BayesiaLab.


2nd Annual BayesiaLab User Conference at UCLA

In less than two months, BayesiaLab users from all over the world will be heading to Southern California. A week's worth of BayesiaLab courses and seminars will lead up to the 2nd Annual BayesiaLab User Conference on September 24, to be held at UCLA, the birthplace of Bayesian Networks. Guest of honor and keynote speaker is Professor Judea Pearl, the inventor of Bayesian Network and one of the world's foremost researchers in the field of causality.