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BayesiaLab — Education Package


  • The BayesiaLab Education Package is specifically configured for classroom use and includes student and teacher licenses.

License Definition

  • The BayesiaLab Education Package includes:
    • One Single-User/Single-Machine License for instructor use:
    • Floating Token Licenses for Students: * A restricted version of the BayesiaLab software is installed locally on students' computers.
      • The student restriction limits BayesiaLab to using a maximum of 50 variables and 1,000 records. Otherwise, its functionality is identical to BayesiaLab Professional Floating Token License.
      • Students can install the BayesiaLab software on multiple computers.
      • The number of licensed Floating Token Licenses determines the maximum number of concurrent student sessions. For example, to allow 30 students to work simultaneously with BayesiaLab during a class, you will need to license at least 30 Floating Token Licenses.
      • There is no limitation regarding the number of student users and the number of local BayesiaLab installations. As a result, the number of student users and installations can exceed the number of Floating Token Licenses.
      • BayesiaLab can be installed on all computers in a lab, on virtual machines, on students' laptops, on home computers, etc.
      • An Internet connection to the Global Bayesia License Server is required whenever a student runs a BayesiaLab session.
    • By default, the instructor can manage the student licenses via a web-based management console (see Bayesia License Server Account Management).
The installation files for students and the instructor are different.

Licensing Options

  • The price of the BayesiaLab Education Package is a function of the number of Floating Token Licenses required for student use:
Number of SUSM Licenses for the Instructor

Number of Floating Token
Licenses for Students

12 Month License Rental (USD)

Terms & Conditions

The BayesiaLab Education Package is intended for the exclusive use for educational purposes and for conducting academic research under the following conditions:

  • Any commercial use of the software is prohibited.
  • Any research conducted with the BayesiaLab Education Package is not primarily intended for the benefit of a third party (e.g., as part of a research contract).
  • Any research results (e.g., journal articles, manuscripts, theses, book chapters, reports, and presentations) will be made available to any member of the public upon request and at no cost.

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