Webinar Differential Diagnosis of Covid 19

Webinar: Differential Diagnosis of COVID-19

Artificial Intelligence for Pandemic Triage with Bayesian Networks

This webinar introduces our collaborative knowledge elicitation project for the differential diagnosis of COVID-19 and influenza-like diseases.

COVID-19 WebSimulator!questionnaire/377786492943 (opens in a new tab)

From Local Insight to Worldwide Diagnostic Practice

We present a comprehensive knowledge elicitation and reasoning framework that is built on the Bayesian network paradigm. You will see the practical steps for eliciting knowledge with the Bayesia Expert Knowledge Elicitation Environment and see the resulting knowledge base in the form of a Bayesian network. This workflow aggregates emerging medical knowledge and produces an evolving expert system that clinicians can use through a public web portal.

Overcoming Human Challenges in Reasoning

We also briefly present the principles of probabilistic inference and the fundamental challenges that humans — including experts — have with reasoning from symptoms back to their potential causes. In this context, we introduce Bayesian networks as a reasoning framework that can help overcome these cognitive limitations and provide normative inference given the available knowledge.

Please note that the COVID-19 WebSimulator is experimental and not meant to provide medical advice to patients. Always consult your healthcare professional regarding any symptoms or health conditions you may have!

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