Introducing BayesiaLab's New Native ChatGPT Integration for Domain Knowledge Augmentation

Introducing BayesiaLab's New Native ChatGPT Integration for Domain Knowledge Augmentation

Presented at the 2023 BayesiaLab Conference.


Knowledge Elicitation has been a central research topic for the BayesiaLab team for many years, so the arrival of ChatGPT last year has prompted us to leverage its innovative technology immediately with BayesiaLab.

In this presentation, we will show new functions that directly integrate ChatGPT into BayesiaLab, including:

  • Chat Completion
  • Image Generation
  • Embedding Generation

BayesiaLab's forthcoming Subject Matter Assistant, to be released in Version 11, can improve research workflows in several ways:

  • Accelerate the qualitative part of knowledge elicitation.
  • Generate practical natural language descriptions for latent factors created through BayesiaLab's clustering functions (opens in a new tab).
  • Automatically create images to illustrate nodes in a network.

Presentation Video

About the Presenter

  • Dr. Lionel Jouffe is co-founder and CEO of France-based Bayesia S.A.S. Lionel holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Rennes and has worked in Artificial Intelligence since the early 1990s. While working as a Professor/Researcher at ESIEA, Lionel started exploring the potential of Bayesian networks.
  • After co-founding Bayesia in 2001, he and his team have been working full-time on the development of BayesiaLab. Since then, BayesiaLab has emerged as the leading software package for knowledge discovery, data mining, and knowledge modeling using Bayesian networks. It enjoys broad acceptance in academic communities, business, and industry.

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