Example House Price Predictor

Example: House Price Predictor


  • This example is based on a dataset that characterizes the transactions of single-family homes in Ames, Iowa, from 2006 to 2010 (De Cock, 2011)
  • Comprising 2930 entries, the dataset includes a wide array of explanatory variables, including 23 nominal, 23 ordinal, 14 discrete, and 20 continuous variables.

BayesiaLab Screenshot: Ames Home Price Predictor Model

Data & Network Files

HousePriceData.csv (opens in a new tab)

HomePricePredictorModel.xbl (opens in a new tab)


Dean De Cock. Ames, Iowa: Alternative to the Boston Housing Data as an End of Semester Regression Project. Journal of Statistical Education, 19(3), 2011.

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